Fuzhou Airlines Hiring E190 Captains

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Fuzhou Airlines Hiring E190 Captains

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Fuzhou Airlines is currently the best opportunity for E190 Captains in China. In our ranking, we consider compensation, work schedules, upgrade potential, interview success rates, quality of life and stability. Annual pay is not the KEY factor in choosing an airline, but Fuzhou also has the highest pay in China for all airlines.

The city of Fuzhou is located on the southeastern coast of China overlooking the East China Sea and it consistently rated as one of the top “clean air” cities in China.

The compensation (net amount received by pilot after taxes are paid in China by the airline) ranges up to $299,000 USD per year for E190 Captains at Fuzhou Airlines. This is actual take home pay!

Fuzhou Airlines offers the following work schedules:
36 days of annual leave
90 day of annual leave
110 days of annual leave
125 days of annual leave
6 weeks ON, 2 weeks OFF
4 weeks ON, 2 weeks OFF
4 weeks ON, 4 weeks OFF

Minimum Requirements
• Citizen of a country with diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China
• Less than 55 years (may be waived by Fuzhou Airlines on a case by case basis)
• Airline Transport Pilot License with E190 type rating issued by an ICAO country
• Valid Class I Medical
• Valid passport
• English proficient ICAO level 4 or greater
• No accidents or incidents
• No criminal record
• 3,000 hours TT and >500 hours PIC in the E190
• Currency in E190 within previous 12 months

Contact us to schedule your interview at: nutepbergenova@vorholdings.com

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Re: Fuzhou Airlines Hiring E190 Captains

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Моята щерка е на 3 годинки, обаче вече има идеи за обзавеждане на стаята си и търсим подходящи детски фототапети. Само дето не можем да постигнем консенсус още, но се надявам да се разберем.