Could A 'virtual' Airline Work?

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Could A 'virtual' Airline Work?

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I was reading up again on the the two failed attempts of Martin Halstead to start an airline in the UK, Alpha One Airways and subsequently Varsity Express . Martin's vision was to start an airline by subcontracting the flying to 3rd parties, basically on an ACMI lease and using their AOC. His contribution was to run the sales and marketing function of the operation. However his plan came under great criticism especially as he didn't have the money to float it into a viable business. Alpha One never made it off the ground and Varsity lasted a week before Links Air pulled the plug sighting unpaid debts. He was also accused of fraud by the pilots who had paid into the business, suppliers and airlines that he used and the CIty Of London police investigated the accusation and although his foray was foolish, he was found not to be guilty of fraud. There are a few other examples of 'virtual' airlines such as CitywingIs this a viable business model? Is it possible to set up an airline 'brand' from nothing and subcontract all of the delivery to 3rd parties?

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