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FlightGear Virtual Aviation Organization's Maiden Flight - Himalayas Tour

Публикувано: ср апр 11, 2018 9:04 am
от faelanstevie

To kickstart FlightGear Virtual Aviation Organization we are having a Himalayas Tour on February 16th at 16:00 UTC. All pilots are welcome. Any prop/turboprop plane that is capable of 130 knots cruising speed and 350 nm distance is good for this trip. We will start from Chengdu Airport(ZUUU) at 16:00 UTC and then fly across the Himalayas to Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport (ZLLL). Since it will be very dark in the Himalayas at this time, we will change the time of day to Morning/Noon/Afternoon so that we can see the beautiful scenery. All pilots are expected to use real METAR data. The flight plan, registration form and the parking positions will be avaliable below. We hope you will join us on this maiden flight!

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